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Our Team

Ciara Diemer, LCSW

Bereavement, Social Work and Chaplain Services Supervisor 

Ciara Diemer (she/her) is the Supervisor of Bereavement, Social Work and Chaplain Services for The Community Hospice. She is an LCSW with a decade of Hospice experience. Her daily aspiration is to serve the grieving and seriously ill in our community with compassion and dignity. Her team offers specialized professional care to the bereaved with the hope of providing solace.

When she is not serving our community, she loves to spend her days hiking with her kiddos, husband and hound dog- Tate.

Her wish is that you will allow us to lighten the weight of your sorrow through counseling with one of our wonderful team members and through connection with fellow grievers.

Mark Kearney, LMHC

Bereavement Counselor

Mark (he/him) has a MA in counseling psychology (concentration in wilderness therapy) from Naropa University in Boulder, CO as well as a MA in Education from SUNY Albany. He has been a bereavement counselor with Hospice for over a decade working with adults and children in individual and group settings. Mark views grief as a natural response to the death of a loved one and believes that everyone can heal no matter how painful the loss. It is a journey he feels privileged to share, walking together through a challenging time of life. 

Amy Burkert, LCSW

Bereavement Counselor

Amy (she/her) has been a staff member with The Community Hospice since 1998, working in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and now for the past eight years, in bereavement. Grief is both distinct and universal, therefore what grieving people need is very individualized and personal. She is here to listen to you, be with you through painful times, and assist you in working through your experience of grief. She is available for individual and family counseling, and enjoy working with children and teens.

Will Hannah

Bereavement Counselor

Will (he/him) has been a bereavement counselor with the Community Hospice for over 20 years now. He sets an intention each day to be a comfortable companion for people finding their way through the daunting emotional challenges of grief.      

Erica Johnson, LMSW

Bereavement Counselor

Erica Johnson (she/her) is a bereavement counselor at the Community Hospice, providing individual, group, and crisis response services to people of all ages grieving the death of a loved one. She received her BS at Skidmore College and her MSW at the University of Denver. Erica uses narrative therapy, feminist theory, family-systems theory, and mindfulness practices in her work with clients. Erica feels deep reverence for the journey that is grieving and all those who search for (and follow) their own path. She finds great joy in drinking tea, walking her dog, and embroidering. 

Tiffany Smith, LMSW

Bereavement Counselor

Stacy Lauver, LMSW

Bereavement Counselor

Stacy Lauver (she/her) is a bereavement counselor with Community Hospice serving individuals and groups with a focus on psychodynamic theory, mindfulness, and the scientifically proven healing power of nature. She received her BSW from Siena College and her MSW from the College of St. Rose. Stacy has experience working with military families, adolescents, and adults. She utilizes a person-centered approach to healing. She honors this journey by working alongside individuals to build upon existing strengths and coping skills in order to assist them in recognizing their resilience while simultaneously empowering them to practice and accept grace and self-compassion throughout the fluid process of grieving. In her spare time, Stacy enjoys time with her kids, drinking coffee, and going on adventures with her family, friends, and dog – Molly.

Abby Spagnola, LMSW

Bereavement Counselor

Darienne Gagne, MDiv

Bereavement Chaplain and Spiritual Counselor

Darienne (she/her) is the Bereavement Department's Chaplain and Spiritual Counselor. She specializes in working with folks who want to incorporate their spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs and practices into their grief counseling. She's interested in helping grieving people find what grounds and supports them during hard times. Prior to working with bereaved people, she supported those who were seriously ill and dying. She enjoys working with children, adults, and groups.

Sue E​manuele

Bereavement Facilitator- Adult Services

Sue (she/her) is most likely the person you connect with when calling for services. She would like you to know that her focus is always to get you the services you need as best she can whether through us or another agency. She promises that you and your stories matter and that you are respected and heard. She feels privileged to work with some amazing counselors and knows that the team takes great pride in supporting you at a very difficult time. 

Julia Lebentritt Soto, MFA

Bereavement Facilitator- Pediatric Services

As the Pediatric Bereavement Facilitator for The Community Hospice, Julia (she/her) is usually the first stop for families with children suffering the pain of a loss of a special person; listening, validating, and guiding them to healing and integration with our Bereavement Counselors. She brings her extensive experience in expressive arts approaches and ethnographic research to her sensitive intakes as Facilitator of Pediatric Grief Services.

Traci Simanoski-Raymond

Senior Secretary

Traci (she/her) loves to keep things simple. As Sr. Secretary for the Bereavement Department, she implements processes and procedures that cut work time and are cost effective to the team. Traci likes being part of a team and always lends a hand when she can. 

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